The Nottingham Pet Crematorium is a family partnership run by Yorkie breeder Rita Harbury-Carlisle and her husband John.  The couple are pet lovers who once ran the Antara Luxurious Dog Hotel.  They now concentrate on their 25-year-old Cremation service, complete with chapels of rest and farewell rooms.

The Nottingham Pet Crematorium is the only service of this kind in the East Midlands that has been Independently Inspected & Approved by the Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria.

Respectful service

The couple provide a respectful service as an alternative to leaving your pet with the vet for disposal.  Rita and John will listen to your wishes, explain the many alternatives available and offer friendly advice.  The beautiful surroundings at Nottingham Pet Crematorium are available along with a collection service which includes the option to use their wonderful traditional hearse.  John and Rita are happy to answer your questions and let you look around the newly refurbished premises.

Independently inspected and approved by the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria

John explains: “If you leave a pet with the vet, it will be put into a bag and frozen to wait for a weekly collection.  It will be taken on a trip round other surgeries and then be driven to one of the larger disposal companies for a communal cremation.

Vets are now required to explain to their clients, in full, all of the details of the company they use, how and for how long the pet will be stored in the freezer and the location of the disposal company.

They should explain the mass incineration process to their clients so they fully understand the procedure before making their decision.”

When the time comes the Veterinary surgeon will normally offer to dispose of the pets body.  Many people are unable to think clearly at this moment or find it embarrassing to ask any questions and accept their offer without considering any alternatives.

Afterwards they may regret their decision and wish they had been able to reflect on the matter more carefully. More often than not, it is found to be too late and they are denied an important level of ritual which many find a comfort in their grief.

Options available

The primary aim of the Nottingham Pet Crematorium is to make the public aware of the options available to them so they will not be pushed into a course of action they do not want or be misled over the service they receive.

As members of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries & Crematoria we assure you that your pet will be cremated alone within an enclosed chamber and all ash carefully collected before the next cremation commences.  You are guaranteed that the ashes you receive will only be those of your pet.