Letter of Wishes

We must accept that our pets will not live forever.  A letter of wishes allows you to plan for the unfortunate day and allows you time to consider the options available.

Use this letter to inform your vet of your plans.  Simply click the link to open the document in a new window and print two copies.

The letter of wishes will confirm your wish to have your pet looked after by the Nottingham Pet Crematorium.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like help completing the form.  Once you have completed and signed the documents, send one to us and keep one for your own records.

We will forward a copy of your signed letter to your veterinary practice on your behalf.  We will also provide your vet with an explanation of our working practices.  We do this because our standards of care are very different to the impersonal services normally offered through veterinary practices.

Click here to open this file in a new window.