Supporting Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary

Nottingham Pet Crematorium are delighted to announce that the donations very kindly given by pet owners have been passed along to the Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary.

Bambou De La Baie at Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary thanks to support from Nottingham Pet Crematorium

We are now supporting Bambou De La Baie, a 10 year old donkey who was rescued in 2013.

When he arrived at the sanctuary he was not only full of worms but was just skin and bones.  But after some loving care he is now relaxing at the sanctuary near Alford in Lincolnshire, where thanks to your kind donations, he will be able to live out the rest of his days.

The donkey sanctuary is home to around 40 donkeys and visitors are welcome.  

If you would like to meet Bambou De La Baie and his friends, you can find them at –

We thank you all for your kind donations to this wonderful cause.

Love from

Rita, John & Simon

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Cool donation to QMC

Cool donation as the Nottingham Pet Crematorium present Ward B58 at The Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham with a new water cooler

The Nottingham Pet Crematorium made a cool donation this week.

We were delighted to present Ward D58 at The Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham with a new water cooler.

Healthcare assistant Erica Stanley, who received the cooler on behalf of the hospital, said: “This is an amazing gesture from the owners of Nottingham Pet Crematorium.

We would like to thank them very much.  We need every donation possible, even more so during this covid pandemic. Every donation helps in such a big way. The Nottingham Pet Crematorium have been wonderful supporters over the years.”

Cool donation

Rita and John Harbury-Carlisle, owners of the West Bridgford based Nottingham Pet Crematorium, have already donated several fans, a coffee machine, toiletries and even clothes in pre-covid time.

The new water cooler will be available for use by staff and patients on the ward.  

Rita said: “We knew they were desperate for help and we are always delighted to assist the Queens Medical Centre.  The recent spell of hot weather did not help.  We like to do what we can to make peoples stay in hospital as comfortable as possible.”

The Nottingham Pet Crematorium owners are Yorkie breeder Rita Harbury-Carlisle with her husband John.  Well known Pet lovers who once ran the Antara Luxurious Dog Hotel.  They now concentrate on their 25-year-old Cremation service, complete with chapels of rest and farewell rooms.

The Nottingham Pet Crematorium is the only service of this kind in the East Midlands. Independently Inspected & Approved by the Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria.

The couple provide a respectful service as an alternative to leaving your pet with the vet for disposal.  Rita and John will listen to your wishes, explain the many alternatives available and offer friendly advice.  The beautiful surroundings at Nottingham Pet Crematorium are available along with a collection service which includes the option to use their wonderful traditional hearse.

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Recent review

Nottingham Pet Crematorium flower bridge gazebo

Nottingham Pet Crematorium received this amazing review from pet owner Mark G:

“Some 17 years since we first engaged with Nottingham Pet Crematorium, where we had our much loved Cat Thomas cremated with a same day service. We recently found ourselves in a very sad situation with the need to employ the services of Nottingham Pet Crematorium once again.

Certain events over this period of time have highlighted that there can be some very grey areas in the background of this industry.  Some of which have made headline news over the past few years.

So, after reconnecting with Nottingham Pet Crematorium, we were extremely relieved to see that they are still providing the same great discreet service that we experienced 17 years ago.

I can say with confidence that John, Rita & Simon are as true and honest as they were all those years ago. Their transparency is beyond any doubt. They are so calm, professional and very caring.

Knowing that you are only bringing your own pets ashes home has to be the main priority.

I cannot say enough about this company, in my opinion this level of clarity and service is very hard to find”.

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Covid-19 A difficult year for every pet owner

We would like to thank each and every pet owner who has supported our business over this incredibly difficult period.

We have been overwhelmed with the kindness and comments from pet owners following the provision of the flower bridge, allowing us to bring the inside outside to continue allowing owners to say goodbye to their beloved pets.

The covid restrictions we have been forced to work under are not ideal. But we have tried our best to provide the best solution possible.

The flower bridge at Nottingham pet crematorium used by pet owner during the covid 19 pandemic

We do not want to force bereaved pet owner to move away from their beloved pets when they arrive at the crematorium. We have to request this in order to comply with the regulations. If we do not do this, we cannot open.

Unfortunately we also need to book appointments and stick to strict timings. We cannot have two sets of pet owners on site at the same time. Therefore we ask everyone to book a time and stick to this. We cannot expect people to cancel their appointment just because you would prefer their time slot. However, we do our best to keep everyone happy. Sometimes it is simply not possible to offer the exact time appointment you request. Unfortunately we are limited to one group per time slot.

Delivering you beloved pet to the crematorium is difficult. We understand this and we are not operating in this way by choice. The flower bridge was created to comply with covid regulations and offer some kind of dignified service. It is not our wish to operate in this way and we hope you can all understand the difficult situation we find ourselves in.

When you bring you pet in by car we are simply not allowed to be in close contact with you. Therefore we ask you to step outside of the vehicle. Please do not be offended by this request, we must apply social distancing. Removing a pet from the seat of a car can be difficult and not as dignified as we would wish it to be. We assure every pet owner our aim is to provide a careful, respectful and dignified service.

Communication is also difficult due to face coverings. That was the reason we ask pet owners to make the majority of the arrangements by phone. We are not trying to avoid you or appear disrespectful, but we must follow the regulations. By doing this we can continue to offer our services.

Thanks to everyone for understanding the situation we all find ourselves in. Normal service will be resumed as soon as the regulations allow. The past year has been difficult and we appreciate everyone for working with us.

Love from
Rita, John & Simon

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