Add your personal tribute to our Memory Tree

We installed our beautiful memory tree back in 2018 and we have been amazed by its popularity.  So many pet lovers leave incredibly moving tributes for their beloved pets.

The Memory Tree at Nottingham Pet Crematorium

The stunning 6 foot illuminated tree is still proving very popular with owners.  You can leave your personal tribute on a beautiful, hand crafted, individual card made by our manager Simon. 

personal tribute

Alternatively you can make your own personal tribute as long as it is less than a maximum of 6cm x 6cm.  It can be any shape or design you choose.  Let your leaves grow on the Memory Tree for as long as you wish, and help our tree continue to grow year on year.

Our manager Simon, who is pictured with the tree, said: “It is such a fantastic idea and it is especially popular with children.  They love to leave their own personal tribute.  The service is free of charge and we supply the hand made cards.  We love to help our the pet owners at this difficult time.”