APCC announce a major development in the pet funeral world as private crematoriums face compulsory inspections

Independently inspected and approved by the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and CrematoriaAs members of the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries and Crematoria we are delighted to support the new initiative of compulsory, independent inspections.

The game changing announcement was made by the APPCC at its 25th anniversary celebrations, held at the historic Shrigley Hall Hotel near Macclesfield.

The £14,000 cost of the inspections will be met by the organisation which has been setting international standards for the respectful handling of pets after they die.

Pet crematorium and cemetery owners will have their operating and marketing procedures minutely examined to ensure they meet the strict APPCC code of practice and are complying with consumer protection regulations.

Stephen Mayles, vice-chair of the association, told members: “This is the biggest development in the pet cremation sector to date. The cost of introducing the mandatory inspection system is money well spent. It is there to help you to ensure your business is running properly, legally and working to the same level.”

We have always supported the idea of independent inspections.  We feel this gives our customers assurance that we aim to meet the highest possible standards at all times.  We completed our voluntary independent inspection in October 2016

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