Donation to Team Edward Labrador Rescue charity

Nottingham Pet Crematorium are delighted to make a significant donation to Team Edward Labrador Rescue charity.

Nottingham Pet Crematorium were delighted to make a significant donation to Team Edward Labrador Rescue charity

The charity’s founder Wendy Brassington visited Nottingham Pet Crematorium to collect the funds from Rita Harbury-Carlisle and manager Simon Saunders.

Rita said: “Team Edwards do such a wonderful job; we are delighted to be able to help them. Wendy’s team put in so much time and effort. Always going the extra mile to help the dogs at their time of need. Some of the money was raised by donation from pet lovers and we added to this. We wish them well in the future and we hope this helps in some small way”.

run entirely by volunteers

Team Edward is a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers who are dedicated to the re-homing of Labradors. Their aim is simply to help as many Labradors as possible who find themselves in need of a new forever home.

Team Edward was founded in 2013 and named after Wendy’s rescue dog Edward which was looked after by Nottingham Pet Crematorium.

Wendy was nominated for a Pride of Britain award in 2015. She was recognised by former Prime Minister David Cameron. Winning a Point of Light Award for her dedication to the breed and her fundraising efforts.

sad state

Wendy said: “Thank you for this wonderful donation. This money will be put towards the care of 3 chocolate female Labradors – Tetra, Delta and Xanti. The dogs were taken into our care last week. Sadly, their owner passed away and no one found him at home for a couple of days. The Labradors were left in a small pen in the lounge. As you can imagine they were all in a sad state.

There have been many vet visits. Tetra is having an operation next week to remove a cyst from the side of her face allowing her to go to a new home at the end of April. We have already found the most wonderful homes for the other two.”

You can read about Team Edward by clicking here