Flower Bridge

Following the recent spike in the coronavirus pandemic we have unfortunately decided to close our chapels and courtyard areas. We will now operate a flower bridge.

The flower bridge at Nottingham Pet Crematorium

We have a duty of care to both our staff and our loyal customers and we hope you can understand that we have taken this decision in your best interest.

In order to continue providing you with the best service possible we will operate our flower bridge. We will make the majority of our contact by telephone and therefore reduce personal contact to a minimum.

On arrival at Nottingham Pet Crematorium you will be asked to proceed to the car park outside main reception.  A member of staff will meet you and collect your beloved pet from your vehicle. 

Your pet will be transported to our mortuary on a traditional funeral bier and we ask you to please stay in your vehicle at this time.

We cannot allow any attended cremations under the new restrictions but we assure you the cremation will take place as you instructed.

The flower bridge at Nottingham Pet Crematorium

To collect your ashes please return to the same area.  The ashes will be available for you to collect from inside the flower bridge gazebo. 

Our staff will be present but we will keep our distance so that there is minimal contact. We would like to assure you that we are still offering our full attention and we will be present, we are simply trying to maintain social distancing in everyone’s best interests. 

Unfortunately we cannot open any of our chapels or remembrance rooms.  We are also unable to provide toilet facilities.

We hope you can appreciate our plan.  It is not ideal but we aim to provide the best service possible under the current regulations. 

Our usual service will return as soon as possible.