It’s our Silver Anniversary !

25th Anniversary at Nottingham Pet Crematorium

The staff at the Nottingham Pet Crematorium celebrated our 25th Anniversary this month.

To thank our loyal customers for their wonderful support over the past 25 years. We are offering a 15% discount on all cremations and free collection within a 10 mile radius of Nottingham Pet Crematorium throughout the month of August 2019.

The family run business was opened in the summer of 1994 by husband and wife team Rita and John Harbury-Carlisle to run alongside their famous Antara Luxury Pet Hotel in West Bridgford.

After 10 years the couple decided to close the pet hotel and concentrate on Pet Cremations. Rita said: “We needed to dedicate more time to the cremation business in order to provide the service owners required. We started out with a basic chapel and a Renault Estate but we wanted to give a more dedicated service.”

John added: “Since 1994 we have totally refurbished the site. We have added luxurious chapels and waiting rooms. We have a fleet of vehicles to give owners a choice up to a full traditional hearse”

“We were the first pet crematorium in the East Midlands. We actually signed up to the Association of Private Pet Cemeteries & Crematoria (APPCC) before we started because we thought it was important to do things correctly. We follow their code and we have always aimed for the highest possible standards. We are the only crematorium in the area that has been independently inspected”.

“We wanted to provide an alternative to leaving your pet with the vet for disposal. We listen to the owner’s wishes, explain the many alternatives available and offer friendly advice. Pet’s matter to people, we give the owners the opportunity to say goodbye in the way they want”.

Rita said: “We feel it is a personal service and we aim to show your beloved pets the same dignity and respect the owners expect. We have always aimed to provide a respectful, caring service. All our cremations are individual. We have never offered mass or communal cremations”.

Customers come from all over the country to use the stunning facilities in West Bridgford. There are 3 chapels, 4 waiting rooms and reception area with a manicured memorial garden outside, all set in a private estate.

Simon Saunders joined as manager in 2010 but John & Rita and still involved on a daily basis. John added: “We work as a team and have a loyal customer base with people who have been with us since we opened. We offer a bespoke service and aim to cater for the needs of the individual pet owner.”

The lowest point for the Crematorium came in 2015 when some of the buildings were destroyed by fire. Rita said: “The fire was heart-breaking but we received so much support from the local public and our customers that it was amazing. We realised we must be doing a good job and it made us even more determined to re-build.”

“We would like to thank all or wonderful customers. We appreciate all their comments, loyalty and the gifts they send. It has been our pleasure to help people cope with difficult times. We have met hundreds of wonderful people and so many have become our personal friends.”