Recent review

Nottingham Pet Crematorium flower bridge gazebo

Nottingham Pet Crematorium received this amazing review from pet owner Mark G:

“Some 17 years since we first engaged with Nottingham Pet Crematorium, where we had our much loved Cat Thomas cremated with a same day service. We recently found ourselves in a very sad situation with the need to employ the services of Nottingham Pet Crematorium once again.

Certain events over this period of time have highlighted that there can be some very grey areas in the background of this industry.  Some of which have made headline news over the past few years.

So, after reconnecting with Nottingham Pet Crematorium, we were extremely relieved to see that they are still providing the same great discreet service that we experienced 17 years ago.

I can say with confidence that John, Rita & Simon are as true and honest as they were all those years ago. Their transparency is beyond any doubt. They are so calm, professional and very caring.

Knowing that you are only bringing your own pets ashes home has to be the main priority.

I cannot say enough about this company, in my opinion this level of clarity and service is very hard to find”.