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Same day pet cremation services

A same day pet cremation allows your pet to be prioritised and cremated as soon as possible.  If you are bringing your pet to us you have the choice of saying goodbye to them in our Farewell Room.  You can stay in the local

Attended Pet Cremation Services

For added peace of mind an attended pet cremation allows you to be present as your pet is gently placed into the chamber.  You have the choice of saying goodbye to your pet in our Farewell Room. Then you can accompany them to the

Bringing your pet to us

If you have not used a pet cremation service before or simply do not want to leave your pet at the vet then we recommend bringing your pet to us yourself.  Please contact us if you would like to ask us any questions or

Collection Service

Our collection service is completely different to that normally offered through most veterinary practices.  Unfortunately we find that the majority of vets offer the basic ‘ashes back’ service but do not explain the procedure.  Because the company your vet uses will normally be visiting