River Trent Tragedy

You may have read about the recent tragic events in the River Trent near the Embankment Suspension Bridge. Blu, a pocket bully, unfortunately jumped into the water. He was immediately washed under near the bridge on March 4th.

Pocket bully Blu who was lost in the River Trent

Despite the courageous efforts of his owner’s sons, Dylan & Kayden, the dog was missing in the fast flowing River Trent. Dylan jumped in to try to save Blu. He had to be pulled out by his hood by his brother Kayden.

Owner Theresa Smyth and her family had been walking along the embankment. They stopped at the steps near the bridge with their 18 month old pet. Blu has always loved water and was used to running into the sea on their trips to the coast. Theresa thinks he saw a reflection or thought it was a step. He suddenly walked into the river and was immediately swept away.


Over the next hours and days, numerous searches of the area took place. Notts Lost Dogs SAR led the search. They used a specialist drone alongside an underwater team using sonar from Lancashire based Beneath the Surface.

Kim Jefcott who runs the team of volunteers at Notts Lost Dogs SAR explained: “Following such a tragic accident we took control. We organised the search because we have the expertise and experience to manage such a difficult situation. Unfortunately, this time we didn’t get the outcome we desired. But at least we were able to re-unite Blu with his family. It was heart-breaking for everyone involved”.

Beneath the Surface dive team search for lost pocket bully Blu in the River Trent Nottingham

The dive team from Beneath the Surface found Blu on Saturday 23rd March but could not recover him due to the water conditions. The next day the River Trent was calmer. Within half an hour they had Blu out the water and on the way home to Theresa.

As soon as we became aware of this tragic accident we offered to look after Blu free of charge. Blu arrived at Nottingham Pet Crematorium with his owner Theresa and we provided an appropriate send off for this wonderful pet.

We laid him to rest in our farewell room. The family we able to spend private time with him and say their goodbyes. We provided paw prints and returned Blu’s ashes in a large gold frame containing a stunning portrait of this beloved pet

Thank everyone

Theresa and her family would like to thank everyone involved in the search and Nottingham Pet Crematorium for the service. She said: “The family thank everyone for being so kind and showing so much compassion. You all made it possible to give Blu the send off he deserved. We could not have done that without you and we really appreciate your kindness”.

[Notts Lost Dogs SAR is a not for profit organisation who help with missing pets all over the county. You can find them on Facebook – click here]