In memory of terrier Hugo

Debs Hayball's 14 year old terrier Hugo who was killed in an unprovoked attack

Nottingham Pet Crematorium came to the aid of a pet owner Debs Hayball after her 14 year old terrier Hugo tragically died following a vicious attack by a larger dog.

Earlier big-hearted Ruddington residents on the Pasture Lane estate had raised funds to pay veterinary fees in an attempt to save Hugo’s life following the attack. Unfortunately Debs beloved pet could not be saved.

Tragic story

Rita Harbury-Carlisle, the owner of Nottingham Pet Crematorium, stepped in after reading about the terrible incident. Rita said: “This is such a tragic story that touched our hearts. As pet lovers we were devastated to read about poor Hugo. We decided to offer our services free of charge due to the emotional stress caused to Debs. We provided a bespoke cremation service, a set of paw prints and framed hair clippings. Hopefully we helped Debs in some small way at this very sad time”.

Debs Hayball's 14 year old terrier Hugo at Nottingham Pet Crematorium after it was killed in an unprovoked attack

Eyewitnesses to the attack said Hugo was brutally savaged by a much larger XL Bully dog outside her home. Owner Debs was also bitten on as she tried to protect her pet.

The attacking dog, which reportedly had no lead or collar, was subsequently seized by Nottinghamshire Police. Neighbours who witnessed the incident were left shocked and saddened.

One resident told West Bridgford Wire: ‘This dog was brutally attacked on the owners door step by an XL Bully. This dog lives on a very friendly estate in Ruddington and had to be sadly put down due to his injuries. During that attack there were four men trying to get the attacker off the poor little soul and the XL bully ended up biting the owner in the process. It was an horrific incident and the whole community is devastated.’

Debs Hayball with Simon and Rita at Nottingham Pet Crematorium after her 14 year old terrier Hugo was killed in an unprovoked attack

Heartbroken for Debs

Victoria Marconetto-Tyson, who set up a fundraising page, said: ‘The neighbours and people who witnessed the attack are traumatised. They are heartbroken for Debs. We’ll all miss seeing terrier Hugo around the neighbourhood, he was a lovely, friendly and gorgeous little dog.’

Debs Hayball, Hugo’s owner said: “I’d like to reach out and say a huge ‘Thank You’. Especially to all my neighbours who came to try to help Hugo. The outpouring of love for him is quite overwhelming. He was clearly loved by many. I would also like to thank Rita, John and Simon at Nottingham Pet Crematorium for taking such loving care of terrier Hugo”.